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DeepStack is an easy to install and integrate AI server that provides fully offline APIs to build better and improved digital products, software systems and automation with maximum productivity.

DeepStack work seamlessly with all your applications and systems built in Python, NodeJS, Java, PHP, Swift and more.

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Unique Features

Use Face Recognition, Object Detection, Scene Recognition and Custom Recognition APIs for your business and industrial applications!

DeepStack - Cost Saving

Zero API Cost!

Run thousands to millions of requests without pay-as-you-use costs!

DeepStack - Easy Integration

Easy Integration!

REST APIs that provides the perfect integration channel for all your applications and systems!

DeepStack - Custom APIs


Add new Recognition APIs for business applications and industrial automation with instant deployment!

DeepStack - 100% Data Privacy

100% Privacy

State-of-the-art AI APIs without sending your data to 3rd party servers!



$0 / month

  • Scene API
  • Face Recognition API (5 Faces)
  • Persons & Objects API
  • 1 Installation
  • Backup


$19   $9 / month

Limited Offer

  • Scene API
  • Face Match API
  • Face Recognition API (100 Faces)
  • 1 Custom Recognition API
  • Persons & Objects API
  • GPU Acceleration
  • 2 Installations
  • Backup


$ 69 / month

  • All Standard Features
  • 5 Custom Recognition APIs
  • Face Recognition API (Unlimited Faces)
  • 5 Installations
  • Email Support
  • API Security
  • Backup


Custom APIs, Custom Setup and Enterprise support